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Let’s play a game…

How connected are you and are you using your network effectively? Networking is more than collecting a bunch of business cards and ‘friending’ people on Facebook.  Most of us have a lot of  ‘friends’ on Facebook, some of whom we have never met. Weird! In the days before social media, how possible was it to have friends you never met? How can you possibly be connected authentically to that many people? How can we be wired and connected and really connect with those in the outer circle of our influence? Be of service!

So here’s the game – first identify who’s in your network, yep, make a list and really take a hard look at it. For each contact identify them as:

–          (buddies, family, friends) –people you trust or who trust you.

–          (acquaintances )  – people who know you or know of you.

–          (outside your circle) (people you don’t really know, but whom you want or need to know.)

Strategy 1 – Establish a Board of Directors, informal advisors and mentors within your network. Choose people who will push and stretch you.

Strategy 2 – Find someone who has a skill that you are trying to master – ask them to mentor or coach you.

Strategy 3 – Refine your 30 second infomercial  – does it really explain who you are and what you do?

Strategy 4 – Periodically go through your contact list and make a list of those who are ‘connectors’ – hang out with them.

Strategy 5 – Take a risk – seek out the author of a book that inspired you and email them to start a dialogue.

Get your network buzzing again, tap into the power of your connections. Most of us do not like to ask for favours, we may feel that we are imposing on others or being too ‘pushy’ if we ask. If we keep our network active, and be of service to others, you are no longer asking for favours – business will come to you naturally.  Revise your strategy monthly, and take more risks – get out of your comfort zone!

Stay wired… Stay Connected… Stay Focused

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